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Our Aim @ New World Eco Photography & Eco Products is to help raise awareness, support Change for our Oceans & Climate.

This planet is amazing and we all have to agree with that.

Its time to support change and make that difference each and every one of us needs to do.

New World Eco donate 30% of our digital Products Sales to Plastic Oceans Foundation.

New World Eco

Help to save our oceans

Every purchase of any of our Photography we will donate 30% to Plastic Oceans to Help Raise Awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans.

We are at a point where we have to do it now or there's no fixing it. it may well be too late already...

The changes we need to do...

We all need to consider the impact of our day to day life is having on the planet.

whether its from the groceries we buy to the fuel we use in our cars.

Every day we pollute, and it's easy to say ( there's nothing I can do on my own )

every one of us has to put our lives on the right course to protect our children and their children,

The damage we have impacted on our oceans because of the use of plastics is devastating, i don't need to show you were to look, just type in you browser (Plastic Oceans).

We are tenants on this planet and bad tenants at that.

Here are just some of the bad habits we are all guilty of

Leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth,

Drinking Plastic bottled water, Plastic water bottles take 500+ years to break down and they create micro plastics that are dangerous to health.

Throwing chewing gum on the ground.

These, and other everyday habits show that we are sometimes unaware of how we pollute the environment. Learn about the small daily habits you can change to benefit the planet.

To learn more about the issues we face in the 21st-century visit this link for one of the biggest issues

click this link Plastic



We are dedicated to changing the way we go about our day to day life's,

We need to make it more sustainable, We all have to help with this issue,

it's tough when you shop in supermarkets. for just your daily items.

Try this the next time you go shopping, don't buy one item with plastic.

I can guarantee, you'll have a lot less shopping.

Facts we all need to know,

Plastic in the ocean breaks up into smaller fragments called micro plastics, which have been identified in commercial fish consumed by humans.​

Plastics make up to around 75% of marine litter, although this can be up to 100% at some sites.

The "island of trash" - also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been misreported. A large area of plastic debris does exist here,

but a big soup of micro plastics makes up to 94%.

Half of all plastics are single-use applications, used just once and then disposed of.

We don't know how long it takes for plastic to break down. It's estimated it could take up to thousands of years to degrade.

We won't be able to stop using plastics but we need to make them reusable and sustainable,

if we carry on the path we are heading,

life on earth will bare the brunt of the unsustainable plastics we use​.

Birds are highly susceptible to plastic ingestion. It is estimated that over 90% of all seabirds have ingested plastic.

350 million tonnes of plastic are being produced each year. This could weigh more than humanity, estimated at 316 million tonnes in 2013.

8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. If waste management practices don't improve, scientists predict this amount could increase tenfold by 2025.

Studies show plastic chemicals can act as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruption is linked to health effects like cancer, birth defects, and developmental problems in children.

Read more on this Here

Plastic Bottles


We are a new company dedicated to helping change the way we use materials from the earth and stop hurting our biggest resource,


We want to make sure our children and your children have a chance in this world. 

we all need to think before we buy anything in this forever changing world.

We wanted to create a place where you can buy any of our products and feel safe in the knowledge that it's natural and degrades properly.

we want everyone to stop using all plastics or at least the ones that you can get natural safe alternatives. 

We started this because every one of us has eaten plastics through eating contaminated fish and most of us never realize.


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