Frequently asked questions

When will my order be shipped?

We aim to have the item on its way to you within 3-5 days. the deivery service is very hit and miss at the present time. but we want you to have the item as fast as you want it.

When will i get my Digital media i paid for?

hopefully you'll have it before you need to read this FAQ. We try to get that to you ASAP but it can take upto 24hrs max. if for any reason you have not recieved the item contact us via Contact us box .

How do i know that Plastic Oceans are getting the 30% of the price of the digital media i purchased.

We will post on our website how much we donate monthly. and a total donation. We are genuinely concerned about the mess we have all made of the planet.

Will you be stocking Eco goods?

Yes we will, We are currently sourcing our Products as we need to find a totally ECO solution. No point selling eco goods and getting them delivered in plastic packaging. and believe me its not a easy thing to get. especially when plastic is so popular around the world.